The Day the Manosphere Died

“Great was that chase with the hounds for the unattainable meaning of the world.” Czeslaw Milosz

I was a reader of the manosphere not from its early days but from its middle or late middle days. It wasnt long after I came across it that people started saying it was dead or dying.

I wonder what forms all that energy has now taken. The sense I have of it is a chunk of it went into Vox Day’s projects and a chunk went into Rollo’s projects and meetings. The Roosh and Roissy pieces have more or less dissipated. The only minor writers I know of Matt Forney and Sunshine Mary are basically gone. I read that Matt Forney went to Eastern Europe somewhere.

For me personally it was transferred to Zippy, until he died, and largely to Vox Day and his projects, some of which I’ve donated to. Ever since, as a result of Zippy, I started to actually believe in God and not just a concept of God that I played with in my mind, I have become in a way less religious. Because who is God? The eternal creator spirit who was always there long before anything was ever written down.

My internet commenting has largely shifted to Twitter and away from blogs. I’m getting more serious about work and making money and buying land and planning on building a house. For me and my mental energy has shifted away from thinking about game and more about thinking about traditional architecture like Wrath of Gnon highlights, getting a big dog, livestock, and maybe a wife. Also traveling to Lithuania and that region instead of South America again.

I’ve also started writing more seriously. I reached out to an old teacher who is a great writer and she is helping me with a memoir. I haven’t really discussed my life online but have stayed largely anonymous. But I have had a fairly interesting life since I’ve been reading the manosphere, uprooted with a lot of travel and adventure by average standards. However, I haven’t really dug in and done anything substantial with deep roots.

I have been on the edge of starting several businesses and have backed out. But I now have a sense that my life is about to get real.

How about you guys? Where has life taken you since the manosphere died?

Shea Update

Still a filthy, hateful liar. Even in his own lying link which, out of his blind hatred, he misunderstands. It was specially written for hateful liars like him. What a hell bent fool.

To explain: domestic and home grown terrorism cases are about equal. This the stupid distinction Wray makes between Islamic domestic terrorism aka “homegrown” and non-Islamic domestic terrorism aka “domestic extremism” to protect and cultivate the stupid hatred of fools like Shea. A majority of the non-Islamic half of all domestic terrorism is related to white supremacy. So do the math and tell me Trump supporters and not Muslims are the main source of domestic terrorism. What percentage of the population are trump supporters and what percentage are Muslim? So how much more violent and dangerous are Muslims on average than “MAGA cultists” aka Trump supporters since Muslims comprise half of the domestic terrorism arrests?

Will Mark Shea ever tell the truth or will he go straight to hell out of hatred for me and other Trump supporters? I think we all know the answer. He better repent.

Patriotic Nationalists

Steven Greydanus wrote a politically biased opinion piece disguised as a homily. He hits several points of the left liberal narrative including “baby cages” and a meaningless distinction between “nationalism” and “patriotism” which are essentially the same thing, nationalism coming from the word for birth, like natal or nativity and patriotism coming from the work for father, like patriarch or paternal. He even includes an obligatory “immigration is complicated” caveat (which is never ever ever explained or explored in pieces like this). Maybe Steven will one day develop the balls to tell the truth (the whole truth) in his homilies. Probably not, though. Mark Shea would hate him, then, the way he hates every average working white man.

Greydanus added a comment in which he pretends to be an unbiased preacher of simple Catholic teaching: “My only reply is that while as a blogger I may offer opinions about many things, this particular post is a homily I preached at Mass. As a homilist my calling is not to offer my opinions, as I might in a normal blog post, but to preach the Word of God, particularly the Gospel, and to try to apply it to the world we live in.”

I wonder what simple Catholic teachings there are about annihilating job opportunities for citizens and abetting human traffickers and smugglers and fake refugees who are in reality an economic migrant invasion which is by design meant to harm me and mine.

These are questions no one will ever see answered except by Donald Trump and definitely not by Greydanus or Mark Shea.

The Mad Hatters Explain

It’s obvious that conspiracies are the normative way history is made. Established systems are designed to perpetuate themselves in stability. Anyone who wants to upset the system will have to, at least at first, conspire with others behind the scenes.

This post is about Mark Shea commenting on Jeffrey Mirus commenting on Taylor Marshall’s new book about a conspiracy. The critique of the book seems silly to me. Everything these people write just says, “Nothing to see here.” Despite everything that happened over that past 50 or 60 years. They always refer to Conciliar popes being canonized as if it confers some legitimacy. But JPII canonized more people than every other Pope in history combined. It doesn’t mean what it used to, it doesn’t have the import.

Also, Pope St. Pius X explicitly warned of a conspiracy of crazy modernists trying to take over the Church that despite his best efforts he was unable to defeat and that it included members of the clergy. Given that (Pascendi) why would it be at all unreasonable to think that this same conspiracy of “enemies of the Church” including priests working from within wouldn’t or couldnt have risen to the rank of cardinal and used their influence in conspiracy? Pope Benedict referred to the lavender mafia, didnt he? Thats the definition of a conspiracy publicly acknowledged. What about Pope Pius XI warning about false teachers like Pope John Paul II? (“The same false teachers who try to dim the luster of conjugal faith and purity do not scruple to do away with the honorable and trusting obedience the woman owes the man. Many of them even go further and assert that such a subjection of one party to the other is unworthy of human dignity, that the rights of husband and wife are equal, wherefore they boldly proclaim the emancipation of women has been or ought to be effected.”) Why don’t they ever address these things? And given that Archbishop Lefebvre has been totally vindicated by history, in my opinion (look around) and the council popes have been totally discredited by history since Vatican II…the Church has been demolished in so many ways. Yet commenters like Shea and Mirus still try to spin it as a positive thing, making the same tired arguments that were made around Vatican II about throwing open the windows and returning to the sources and re-engaging. As if Archbishop Lefebvre hasn’t been one hundred percent vindicated and the reformers one hundred percent discredited. Why listen to the discredited?

Anyway, to me this seems like academic silliness. When you have a Pope (JPII, Benedict, Francis) doing exactly what a previous Pope (Pius XI) explicitly said is false teaching by false teachers and you have earnest public intellectuals pretending there’s nothing to see here, nothing to see here. Well you’re basically living in Clown World anyway. Pretending the old rules and conventions apply in a world gone mad is madness.

Will many be saved

How many souls will make it to heaven has been troubling to a lot of people. I read in the gospel of St. Luke last night:

22 Then Jesus went through the towns and villages, teaching as he made his way to Jerusalem. 23 Someone asked him, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?”

He said to them, 24 “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to.’

Jesus gives a succinct yet open answer. He basically says, “Do your absolute best, because a lot of people aren’t going to make it.”

This is the best answer to the difficult question. The teaching of the Church over the ages starts to look hopeless when you consider what a lot of saints have said about who or how many will go to heaven or hell. Jesus keeps it simple and doesn’t extrapolate like a theologian.


Come to think of it I think I should also credit St Thomas Aquinas. I read a few pages of the Summa section on faith. His writing his incredibly placid and penetrating. He explains that faith perfects the intellect and resides in the intellect and will when the will directs the intellect into faith. Sins like wrath and lust darken the intellect. I feel I received grace from the Lord after reading that.

Amarillo by Morning

I seemed to be really charismatic this evening. I attribute it to two things, I had a lot of good socializing over the past three days so my serotonin levels were maxxed out and I took a long sauna this afternoon so I have this deep lingering body relaxation. Man’s ability to see into the psyche of another just by seeing his face and movement is really incredible. You can hide basically nothing. Amarillo by Morning is an attractive mood to find yourself in.

Shea is going to hell

Why is Mark Shea so cruel to mothers and fathers whose children were murdered by illegals? Why is he so cruel and unfeeling toward his own people who have had their hearts ripped out by illegal immigration? Why does he then, after their children are permanently taken away with not even the hope or possibility of return or of ever seeing them again in this life, does he heap burning coals are their suffering by calling them cult-members and anti-christs for wanting to stop the traffic of illegal immigrants across the border? What kind of person does this while simultaneously extolling himself as the paragon of Christianity, a Real Catholic?

Update: Mark Shea visits the Capitol

Wolf in a Sheep Skin

Interesting video of the Patrick Coffin Show. This is the guy who used to host Catholic Answers, the call-in radio show. My few readers here (and happenstance readers of my comments around the online Catholic media sphere over the years) may notice something. This is the first time I’ve noticed anyone making the same argument I’ve been making for about 8 years, that “mutual subjection” of husband and wife is false teaching, and that JPII is a false teacher. And Timothy Gordon is apparently writing a book about said argument (not in reference to me as far as I know). I wonder if Catholic writers and JPII scholars will be able to ignore his book as easily as they’ve been able to ignore my numerous comments. Although I can’t say as that they’ve ignored my argument per se, since I used to see many articles lauding JPII as the great and wonderful Pope of the Family. I haven’t seen any of those for quite some time. George Weigel has pivoted to celebrating JPII mainly as a statesman and not as a family pastor. My question has been for a long time, “What according to JPII, are the rights of men qua men and the duties of women toward them?” No one has ever answered me because there is no answer. The alleged pope of the family, because he’s a false teacher, never discussed that aspect of the family and the sexes.